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Pinball4All is owned and operated by Lawrence Cuthie. After collecting, repairing and restoring machines for nearly 25 years, I am now offering my services and knowledge to fellow pinball enthusiasts. With 135 machines in my personal collection covering electro mechanical through the modern electronic era, I am uniquely quailified to repair, restore, or maintain your machine.

My professional career as a sales engineer for over 23 years involved mechanical engineering as well as electronic controls layout and design. My skills have allowed me to become completely self reliant in my approach to pinball work. I specialize in circuit board repair for all types of pinball machines. I have never failed to successfully repair a circuit board and have never sent work to a third party. This allows me to guarantee my work with the highest degree of confidence.

Many people asked me during the period that I collected if I would repair of restore their game. Putting an average of 40 hours into each of my own games, I simply did not have the time to help others. With my personal collection complete, I am now happy to help others keep the pinball dream alive.

A restored classic game will bring many years of pleasure while acting as a solid investment that will surely only increase in value. Hiring me to restore or repair your game is a mutually beneficial equation!