Repair and Restore

Repairs can and should be done in most cases as an in home service. Transporting the game to me for repairs is an option, but you risk damage any time you transport a pinball machine. I am happy to provide free repair estimates by phone or email. Keep in mind, until I actually see your game I cannot provide a firm quote. I can usually advise a budgetary price range before making a trip to where the game physically is located. Sometimes it is more economical to ship me just a particular circuit board or board set if it is obvious that the problem is limited to a circuit board or component failure. I prefer to provide estimates and quotes based on the information provided by the customer vs. a fixed price approach. Once a price is quoted, I gurantee it will not be exceeded regardless of the time required to fix the problem. This will allow customers to stay within a desired budget. My goal is always to make the repair in a single visit. I carry most parts that are needed for typical repair scenarios with me. Since I diagnose the problem to the greatest extent practical by phone, I can arrive with the parts I believe I will need for your particular game to save you time and money. I can provide technical support to help you install or remove circuit boards, displays, and other components if needed. The typical repair price range is $ 80.00 - $ 250.00. Damage due to acid on circuit boards (from batteries mounted directly on the board surface for high score memory and accounting / book keeping settings) is typically the most costlty problem I encounter. All repairs are guranteed for 90 days. Extended service agreements are also available to completely cover your machine and protect you from recurring repair costs.

I can "shop" your game at your location as well. The process includes a through examination of all game functions and features. All burnt out bulbs are replaced, new rubber is installed, and a general cleaning of the playfield and cabinet are performed. This will provide the owner with a playable machine that functions properly.

The restoration process involves the complete disassembly of the machine. As the machine is reconstructed, each mechanism, device, or component is examined. When the process is complete, at an average of 40 hours labor, there is literally nothing that has not been either repaired, restored, or replaced. During the entire process, video and pictures are taken to document the work performed and a DVD / CDR are provided to the owner. The result will amaze you! The appeal of a fully restored vintage pinball machine is like nothing else you can have in your game room.

Pinball4all will either pick up your machine, or you can deliver it to our Parkton, MD shop. The average turn around is 3-4 weeks. Technical support is provided as part of the package and all work is guaranteed. So is your satisfaction! Service agreements are available for long term, worry free enjoyment of your game. Your property is fully insured while in our possession and we are insured to perform repairs in your home.

Circuit Board Repairs / Updates / Modifications

I can fix your circuit boards! This includes acid damage, dead or unreliable CPU/MPU, driver boards, displays, power supplies and more. Upgrades, “bullet proofing” (for the highest degree of reliability), and installation of displays are some of the services I provide. I am particularly experienced with Williams, Gottlieb, and Bally. I can un-hack or rehab boards you might have thought beyond repair. All work is guaranteed.

Warranties / Service Contracts

You wouldn’t buy an expensive car without a way to protect your investment would you? Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a pinball machine that you can’t maintain yourself at home? Pinball4all can provide a service contract for your machine regardless of the era it is from, including flipper type, bingo’s, bowlers, gun games, and many other coin operated devices. I do not work on video games. The contract includes unlimited parts, labor, and scheduled cleaning of your game. Discounts apply for multiple machines! Call for a quote today!

Service Area

Pinball4all reserves the right to determine the availability of in-home service based on geographic location.