Pinball Repair in Towson, MD

Pinball machines can seem deceptively simple upon first glance, however, the mechanisms and electronics that allow them to function are incredibly complex. When you start having problems with your coin-operated machines, it can be troublesome to know where to start. Luckily Pinball4All has the skills and experience to get your machine back to working order in no time.

Circuit Board Repair in Towson

Circuit board damage can seem like the most irreparable thing in the word. Damage to even the smallest components on a board can leave your machine inoperable. As the expert behind Pinball4All, I have over 25 years of experience repairing damaged circuit boards Whether it's a simple repair, such as loose connections, or a more complicated one, like severe acid damage, you can count on Pinball4All.

Machine Repair

Regardless of whether you're an avid collector of pinball machines or if you just have one around for fun, your machine will eventually be in need of repair. I have done repairs on hundreds of machines, From older electromechanical to newer electronic, I can repair almost any machine in Towson, MD. Don't trust just anyone with your beloved pinball machine, go with the expert at Pinball4All.

The Quoting Process

Most of the repairs Pinball4All engages in are provided as an in-home service. I am happy to give free estimates on repairs over the phone, via email, or through the contact page. It is worth noting I prefer not to provide a firm quote until I am able to physically diagnose the issue myself, but am happy to give a rough estimate of the cost. If the issue is definitely located in a specific small component or circuit board, it could be more cost effective to simply ship the part from Towson. When I arrive at the site I bring with me the tools and components I believe I will need to complete the repair based on the description provided during the estimate. Generally, this saves you both time and money. It is Pinball4All's policy that once a firm quote has been established it will not be changed no matter how many manhours it takes to complete the repair.

Acid Damaged Circuit Board Repair

Removing acid damage from a circuit board without further damaging the board is a tricky thing. Thankfully I have decades of experience working on all different kinds of circuit boards. I have never failed to complete a circuit board repair and have never sent work off to a third party.



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